could you go six months?

just wondering how many people out there could go being told you cant ride your bike from now till October. and if you couldn't would you keep your bike, or just out rite sell it, im in this position, so i just want to see this from others point of veiws

what did you do?

doctors orders, first seizure, and he called my parents and told them not to let me go near my bike, im 16 and just started last year, i have a brand new 2010 250 and they are not letting me ride it till october

Riding I don't think will ever die for me, it's one of those phases that actually keeps me interested. Usually i get into something and get bored of it, but with riding there is always a new challenge no matter how good I get. Point being, even if I had to go without riding for 6 months, especially summer I could probably do it and still remain interested. I would def be getting ready for winter riding in the meantime however, it would suck but at the end of the 6 month mark I wouldn't care, I would just want to get on the bike and start riding!

Some people just don't have the same passion as myself for riding, slick nick on here, and my brother seem to ride just as much (nick rides quite a bit more than me) and will do almost anything to get out riding no matter the conditions. People like us, 6 months would suck bigtime but we'd be right back at it when the time is up.

If this is an injury, don't take the risk and ride too early, especially if the risk is a permanent injury for the rest of your life!. Just not worth it!>

Throw the doctor like $100 to tell your parents your ok to ride

Why would you want to sell your bike because you can't ride for 6 months? What would you do when the 6 months are up? Wish you still had a bike?:smirk:

Keep the bike, At the very least it'll give you something to look foward to in 6 months. This way when your 6 months are up you can hop on the bike and ride (hopefully) and don't have to buy another bike that you don't know what kind of maintence the owner did. If your bike is running good, properly store it and you will have a good bike when you're ready to ride again!

I've never had to go six months but have had to take breaks due to injury. It sucks no doubt about it. I definately couldn't due between now and october since it's not duck season yet. Keep your bike, especially if it's brand new you don't want to have to get a used one in six months that you don't know how well it's been maintained. Count your blessings though, a buddy of mine was told last month that his wrist couldn't handle a bike anymore and if he rode again a simple jolt could render his hand useless. One thing is for sure in six months you'll have the shiniest bike on the track.

I sold mine when I broke my collar bone because I was going to need some cash to get by while not working. If you don't have to sell it I would suggest keeping your bike knowing you are going to be back into it when you're cleared. It's only six months out of a lifetime.

No sell. Kindly give bike to CaveMike. Him watch.

Don't sell. Don't ride either my buddy was told not to ride for a while from seizures and he ended up off the side of a mountain with 2 broken wrists left him with a busted bike and no way to wipe his ass

Keep the bike, but stay off of it. You have tons of life ahead of you. 6mo seems long now but will pass quickly. Take the time to do all the maintenance on it if you haven't already?

Good luck with getting the seizures under control.

Keep the bike, and listen to the doctor. His orders are for your own good, and before you know it 6 months will be over. Not to mention the hit youll take on selling a 2010 250 especially when you want another bike in 6 months. Ive only gotten to ride for one whole trip in the past 8 months which has been a total bummer. But I keep myself busy with other hobbies, and wont be selling my bike.

KEEP YOUR BIKE! even though 6 months is alot. But like everyone said, do some maintenance, hell trick it out!

But anyways I was not able to ride for a while.. (like june 2010 till a month ago)... then now i got a new bike... and im trying to go out! If only this stupid trailer would ship faster

At 16, you may have other interests where you want to spend that money you have tied up in a bike.

And considering you're in Ontario, when October comes around, you'll have less than a month of riding, then 5-6 months of staring at it in the corner of the garage until things warm up again.

With that taken into consideration, I might sell it and put the money into something I can actually do in the next year.

I'm going in for not 1, but 2 hip surgeries on june 8th and won't be able to even walk for at least 6 weeks and will have minimal activity for several months after that. I typically ride about 3 times a week and most all of our family recreation revolves around riding/camping/4x4's so I'm not the only one that will have to give it up for awhile. To top that off, I'm still making payments on one of my bikes and it will just be sitting and collecting dust.

Does this mean that I'm selling all the toys? Absolutely not! I've been riding consistantly for over 15 years now and my wife has (off and on) for nearly 10 years. This will definately be rough for awhile, but in the big picture, just a hiccup in our regularly scheduled programming. Trust me, rushing back into riding after an injury or with questionable health will never speed up the process of healing and keeping you able to ride.

Chickenhauler's post brings many valid points to the table for your circumstances so it may be a route to consider.

I take 6 months off each year due to my fishing charter business and the heat. No biggie gives me time to fix up the old girl and replace everything I broke or wore out last season.It gives me something to look forward to when I'm working 7 days a week all summer, so dont sell ,just get her nice and clean, and maybe a little garage time will do you good. Good luck.

Only way I would do that is if I was physically incapable of riding.

I recently took a 6 month break, but it's because I was doing a motor swap, and recovering from tendon surgery in my hand.. So I kinda had no choice!

But since you're a baby and you live with your parents, and they probably bought you the bike - gotta do what they say to do.

The good news is you only have two more years till you can leave the house and do whatever you want to do. Except drink. haha

As a new rider, Keep it. I haven't gotten much time in because may is the worse month for me to have free time to do anything. So I've had a bike now for a couple of weeks and have barely been on it it seems like. But alas I'm 22 and trying to build a life for my future wife (though she does not know that part yet :smirk: ) and ultimately the children we'll have. So I have to just accept that I can't ride as much as I want to. But I got to go on a quick spin unloading it yesterday and I did my first wheelie and held it nicely (didn't lose it or panic). Let me tell you, that left a near permanent grin on my face and was a small victory to everyone saying I wasted my money getting into riding.

My point is this; suck it up and do what you gotta do to recover and when you're ready get back on and tear it up, prove whatever you gotta prove and ultimately have a blast. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps a 6 months break and then hopping back on the bike will be a tiny bit like starting again and fun.

There doesn't seem like much you can do other than accept your physical/medical condition and try to make the best of the situation. I say keep the bike, fire it up occasionally to keep things fresh and flowing, and look forward to October. In your position I would be totally frustrated, but also I would do my best to deal with it gracefully. Everyone (including you) will definitely appreciate that when it's all over. Remember, things could always be worse than they are, and I'm sure you have other hobbies and interests to enjoy until October arrives.

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