Odd question I'm sure, but has anyone ever purposefully weighted their bike down?

Just curious.

Ya know, like how I used to put sand bags in the back of my old Camaro in the winter time when I lived back east.

Would be funny if someone made a solid lead skid plate or something.


:smirk:For what purpose ? I thought the drz already had the weight of a lead bulldozer !

Okay, I know the windy highway got to you...but. All motorcycles get blown around on the highway, heavy or not. This is especially true the faster you are traveling. If you cannot run less than 60 on your highway and you don't have any other route to take to work then don't ride your bike until you get your skills up enough to be comfortable. My wife hated highway driving on our old sport bike because it moved around a lot, until she realized that we were not going to get blown over and she got used to it (I got used to it so long ago I don't remember how I did). Also, like one of the previous posters suggested STOP DEATH GRIPPING THE BARS. Hope your next trip gives you less of a pucker factor.

Bro I think your over reacting to your highway incident like it was said before bikes get blown by wind,I can bet everyone has a wind story they could share of their own.

I drive a big commercial vehicle daily & some days the wind would blow so hard it'll almost blow me into the next lane so imagine what'll happen to a 300lb motorcycle in the same wind gust...you need more seat time that's all.

I regularly put 190 lbs in the saddle does that count ???

i'm pretty sure you'll get used to it. but you did buy a machine thats meant for trails, twisted up roads, or a track. what you're wanting to do, it's just whether or not you want deal with it. personally, i have no problem with highways. i don't push past 65 either. but 5 wide interstates with shitty expansion joints like we have here is different all together. and i came to the realization that my bike was not built for that.

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