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Alright experts, chime in! I have recently made the decision to change from quads to bikes due to the high cost of a performance quad vs. same performing bike. I have been riding quads for 20+ years. Started on a Blaster, then rode an LT500R for years. Next came a modded KFX700 and finally a completely loaded TRX450r. I currently have a 2003 KTM 450exc and I am not thrilled. It has plenty of power but it's a kind of lazy power I am not really used to. I am looking to trade it, so here's the question...For What?!

Why is that a delima you ask. Because I am a novice bike rider that happens to be 6'4" 280lbs. I don't know what will pull my big butt around, up and over hills, through mud, and generaaly make me a good trail ride without killing me or requiring I buy a new bke in 4 months.

So do go 125 2-stroke? 250f? 250 2-stroke? 450f?

I would really like to do a 250f (I think) as it seems like it might be a fairly decent match to the 450r in power delivery. (I know the 450r puts out more power but weighs nearly twice as much). I'd really like to be able to keep up with my buddy, who rides a 700xx, on the trail once my skills are better.

Please let me know your thoughts. I would be especially interested in those who ride both or who have switched one way or the other.

250 or 300 2 stroke all the way! I ride a Yz 250 bored out to 285 and the power is just awesome! A ktm 300 would do the job too! Best part about a 2 stroke is easy and cheap maintenance!

^^^^ I agree with the above post. Can't wait to get my kx250 sent to Eric gorr for a 300 big bore!!!! Oh ya. . . You will be able to keep up with your buddies very easy with a 250 or 300 2 stroke. I can destroy my buddies 500s, 525s, and 700 quads. Haha not trying to brag but it is just the truth. Good luck and be safe out there!

Appreciate the replies so far. Follow up question...Will a 250-2T be "too much" bike to develop my sklills on?

you're bored on a 450 exc??? you ain't ridin' it right....

maybe lugging the 450 too much??? shouldn't be boring!

It's not a matter of being "bored", it's a matter of style. The 450 exc pulls like a tractor. That's great if tat's what you're looking for, that's not my experience with powersports and I not a fan really. I prefer something with some snap to the motor. Think of it like this maybe...I have experience driving Porsches and now I have a 70 Chevelle. Neither is boring but doesn't mean you like both. (And no I am not saying the EXC handles like a Chevelle, lol). I had similar issues on the last 2 quads that I had. The 700 was a beast but it was huge and I really didn't like the auto tranny, I like shifting. The 450r was a ton but even then 4 stroke power delivery was very different and I longed for my LT500R.

Hope that clarifies.

A 250 2-stroke will give you the snap you are looking for. To build your skills on a bike (like learning to ride it on the pipe vs. lugging around) you may want to consider a smaller (ktm200: lighter or kdx200: tamer) bike for a year or two. You won't be riding the 250 to it's potential for a long time unless you have some very solid basic bike skills.

Moving from a quad to a bike is going to take some time and be a learning experience. I recommend starting on a smaller bike (wish I did) but the 250 is awesome power and fun to ride.

A 125 can be fun, but it's really just too small for us big guys (I'm 6'7 220 lbs). At 280 lbs, you'll need to set up the suspension for your weight whatever you choose.

Where to start, that is the question.

1) IMO, you are definitely too big for a 125, so I would remove that bike from the list

2) If you are bored with a 450 EXC, what makes you think that you will like a 250? Lets remove that one from the list.

3) A KTM 450 EXC is a "450F", so Im not sure why you are asking if that would fit your you mean you may be interested in a motocross version, such as the CRF450R? 250/450"R" is specific to Honda's motocross bikes, its not a general term, such as "250F"

4) A modern 450 doesnt weight twice as much as a 250...trail, motocross, whatever. Lets take the 2007 Yamaha WRs as an example, a 2007 WR 250 weighs 233 lbs and the 450 weighs about 247 lbs, both dry weight..thats not alot of difference for the additional power. Results are different in the MX world, but never close to double.

Are you sure your 450 EXC is healthy? I know several very skilled B class riders (not small guys) that own 450 EXCs and I have never heard any complaints about power. In my opinion, there is something wrong with the bike or your technique, no offense. If you want snappy power, go buy yourself a KTM 300 EXC or a 250 MX bike. If I were in your shoes, I would get the bike checked, then try to improve my skills.

Yeah its the bike plugged up at all? Maybe try a gearing change down a tooth or two

There seems to be some confusion so please allow me to clarify.

1. The 450r that weighs twice as much refers to a quad Honda TRX450r. The quad I reference owning in my original post. So while it was roughly twice as powerful as a 250 4 stroke bike, it was also twice the weight.

2. I am not BORED by my 450. I don't like the way it delivers it's power. It is very linear and doesn't fit with my preferences and/or experiences. The bike is strong, fast, and has absolutely no problems getting me anywhere I want to go in short order. Again, this is like my F150 vs my mustang. Both go fast, both are powerful but they are not the same to drive the power is delivered in a completely different manner. Hope that makes sense.

3. I know that I am in need of improved skills. The point of the post was that I am looking for a bike that has a different type of power that would be strong enough to pull my fat butt around at a good clip but not so powerful as to hinder my improvement.

4. So let me pose the question again shortly. Should I get a motocross style 450 4-stroke, 250 2-stroke, or 250 4-stroke to satisfy the needs I stated in point 3? I think we are all in agreement the 125 is out.

FWIW, I spoke to an acquaintance who has built motors for Ryan Sipes who said he recommends a 450 motocross style bike. He feels the 250's, both 2 and 4 stroke, are to limited in powerband and require more rider skill in the woods. He also did not recommend flywheel weights.

Get a 450 mx bike crf RMZ kxf yzf Or a 250 or 300 2 stroke I'm the same size and have had just about every bike in the last 5 years

The thing about riding an MX bike in this woods is that they are not geared for trail riding. They are geared for running around a track. 1st gear is tall and the rest are closely spaced, this is not opitmal for trail riding. In addition, the big bore MX bikes tend to get hot lugging around in slow singletrack. You can gear it down with a smaller countershaft sprocket, but then you will lose top end speed. This is the reason manufacturers make MX bikes and trail bikes, they have different purposes. A skilled rider can make up for the MX bikes shortcomings on the trail...thats why you see MX bikes on the trail, but a beginner wont. I would recommend the KTM 300 EXC. I have a 2007 KTM 300 XC and I love the bike.

I'm 6'4 260lbs. (was 280 a few months back) I had a 2006 450 EXC, I know what you mean how it can be sort of sluggish. Over a period of four years I made it a 540, Big GUn exhaust, hot cams, port and polish... Anyways I put a good bit of cash into it to make it the bike I always wanted. When I got done I kept it for about 6 months and traded for a stock YZ 250. Could not be HAPPIER!!! I love they YZ, it has plenty of power to pull me around. It will scream but is very forgiving, I think you could get use to it and it would not hold you back from improving your skill. I have also like the 450f's but for me their maintance cost is to much of a con to outweigh the cons of the 2 stroke. Plus I have more fun on a 2 stroke. I will say I have rode probalbly 4 or 5 of the 250f's, stay as far away from a as you can. They were not made for people our size everyone I have rode reminded me of the power of my 2003 XR 250. Not to say they don't have their place for other riders, just not for me. I would say if you ride tracks and have a little more money to put in bikes go with a 450f, if you ride a little of everything get a 2 stroke 250 or 300. The 300 are also great bike, just a little heavy for track riding.:smirk:

I know what you mean, I ride an EXC and I love it! But I came off of a yz250 2 stroke. They are just different, it has taken me a little time to adjust to the big bore 4 stroke. If you want that feeling of instant violent power get a 250mx'r 2 stroke. They are awesome, I'll probably pick up another one (I will keep my KTM as well). I am also on the bigger side 6'3" 245 you will have no problems getting what your looking for from a 250.

It's looking a lot like a 250 2T is the plan. While looking for the exact "right" bike I have had 2 offers. 99 RM250 plus enough cash to redo the suspension and any other little things OR a 01 Cr250R with a bit of cash. The CR has a few extras including a Scott's damper installed. I knwo this is not a necessity but is a nice touch. Which way would you go?

I've had Rm's CR's & YZ's... I like them all. I have owned red more than anything so I would probably get the CR. There are a lot of guys on here that are more famillar with those years than me, but I think 01 CR's are pretty popular among Honda enthusiasts.

I have rode a '01 CR before for about 20 mins. So that really is not enough to say, but my first impressions was the power was strong, decent lowend more on top. The bike felt a little awkward but I don't like the way a Honda rides, they feel top heavy to me. The only RM I have rode is a '05 125 so not much help there. If it were me I would pick the RM and get your suspension, I have not realized until the past couple years how much difference suspension makes. I could kick myself for not revalving mine earlier. Just my 2 cents.

i would go for the rm as well becaus of the cash to get the suspension done. at your size any bike is going to feel horrible without having it set up correctly for you. im not as big (6'3" 220lbs) but having the suspension setup made a world of difference in how the bike handled.

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