Drz smoking??????

I just noticed it today, I got home after a ride and let the bike idle for a few seconds, blipped the throttle kinda hard and seen some white smoke. I thought that was kinda wierd. I then hit the throttle again and no smoke so I let it Idle for a good minute and blipped the throttle kinda hard and it blew out white smoke again. Its deffinitely oil burning not coolant. I have 9,000 miles on the bike, what do you guys think is it time for a new piston and rings or is this fairly normal. It doesnt do it while riding and its not a lot of smoke but is noticeable, and I do ride the bike like a hooligan but change oil every 1,000 miles, any help is appreciated

I always thought blue smoke was oil and white smoke was coolant.

Theres so little smoke that its hard to tell what color. But when coolant is burning it has a distinct smell to it. This has a slight oil smell, I did find some oil in the breather box and in the lines coming from the valve cover and the one going back into the cylinder. Has anyone ever had this problem after doing wheelies, im wondering if thats what it is from. I did also find some oil residue in the line going into the air boot but not a whole lot.

its fine mine does the same. did it at 100 miles old still does it at 18,000 miles new

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