New here with a few Questions (Battery / Tires)

Hi Guys, i've lurked this site for a little while and read through several dozen pages of posts and it seems like you guys know what you're talking about for the most part.

I've had this bike for about 5 years, I do all the preventative / regular maintenance myself and have maintained the bike quite well in my opinion over the years.

This spring, when i took it out of storage, I drained the gas, cleaned the plugs and started it up without too much of a problem, but I had a battery booster pack attached to the battery. After I went for a ride (about 20km of solid riding without any problems), i plugged in a charger and it read 8, i left it overnight and returned to the exact same thing.

I tried to turn the switch on (which normally turns on the lights) and nothing happened, the starter wouldn't turn the engine over. The battery had a charge, but the only way I could even get the light on was if I had the booster pack attached to the battery. Can anyone help me out with some possible recommendations?

Oh and the battery was purchased new about a year ago and was unplugged all winter and stored inside. It is an oem YUASA battery

The bike is a 2000 DRZ400E with a few mods


Twin Air Filter + Removed Snorkel / Rejetted

Bored out stock muffler (previous owner...)

Moose / Works Connection / Devol Armor

Trail Tech Endurance

Renthal Bars + Risers

Pro Action Suspension

and a few other goodies.

Also looking into a new back tire. Currently running a 140/80/18 and ride paved cottage roads and mostly hard-packed trails, any input on something new?

A few pictures.




Thanks in advance for any help!

I buy the Motobatts, 2 year no hassle warr, I found mine for $50 shipped but the average is $65. Best warr, good price and more CCA than a Yuasa. Then get a Battery Tender, batts don't like to sit.

So you think the battery is cooked? It won't get a charge any higher than 8 regardless... hmm. Alright, thanks for the insight. Any tips on tires?

Why is the battery low? Not charging? Probably not.

No- more like an lead-acid (you did say stock spec)

battery that has sulfated and/or shorted out. Even an "old school" battery can last years with the proper maintenance.

Need more info...

Your rear tire looks good from the pics you posted, why are you replacing it? From the description of where you ride I'd suggest the Dunlop D606, 120/90. It's DOT street legal, I don't know if that means anything in Canada, eh? No turn signals so I guess they aren't too strict there. It has good knobs but not so aggressive that it's bad on pavement, and lasts a long time under hard surface conditions.

We want batteries to be better than they are, but in real life sometimes they fail sooner rather than later and you never know why. There's a good thread about your charging system in the DRZ FAQ's that has the numbers you want to look for from your battery. Do these tests before tossing and replacing it.


Trackmaster II

So you think the battery is cooked? It won't get a charge any higher than 8 regardless... hmm. Alright, thanks for the insight. Any tips on tires?

If you charged it all night and have 8 volts, I would write it off, but the area your in looks good for riding.:smirk:

you didnt mention it but have you done the free power mod and loc tite fixes

The E model doesnt chew thru batteries like the S does but both machines benifit from the free power mod. your batt could be weakened from the poor connection and th econitnual discharge killed it

check the FAQ for the mod and loc tite fixes.

If you dont do much on road get an off road knobby if you do more road riding the trackmaster or 606s are popular I run a DOT d907 on the rear I got it cheap and its fine but looks like it will wear fast, I only have about 400 miles of mixed riding on it so far


I'm really not sure about any other info regarding the battery, maybe I'll take it somewhere and let them tell me if its cooked. Saw a small lightweight battery that some of the WR guys are using, anyone have info about that?

Also, browsing through tires, the kenda k760 trakmaster 2 is dot approved which is a plus if I ever want to road legal this bike, but the size is 120/100-18, I'm currently running a 140/80-18, is there going to be a big difference?

And in reply to motoinmoab, the center lugs in my rear tire are about 4mm big, absolutely zero hook up on dirt haha.

Also looking at the sedona mx887IT, any experience with this tire?


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