Columbia SC area riders?


Just moved to Columbia from Greenville, SC, and am looking for some guys to ride with. I'm a decent woods rider, really like things like brown mountain, durhamtown singletrack, and most of the Enoree trail.

I'm looking to ride Saturday, 5-28 at either Carolina adventure world, Palmetto Motorsports, or at Whitmire. Anyone interested?

I will probably be at Enoree sometime this weekend. But I don't know when yet. I will try to remember to pm you when I do.

I may not be able to keep up but at least I have a compatible bike, 450x. :smirk:

If a old GreyWolf from Greenville offers to ride with ya... bring a rocking chair.:smirk:

You need to join the Columbia Enduro Riders. We hosted the Sandlapper National Enduro this year and will be putting on another enduro and a harescramble for the 2011 SETRA season. Some of the guys race, some dual sport, others just enjoy trail riding. But we always have a great time hosting and laying out these events. Some of our guys are always riding somewhere every weekend. Which side of town you located ?

I'm in lexington. My time will be getting tight coming up soon, so I can't join the enduro club. I have a little girl, boy on the way in 5 weeks, and like to mountain bike and run.

But, I would like to connect with a few local riders for when I can get out and ride! For me, that's this sat.

There are alot of guys in the Lexinton/Gilbert area that ride. I am in Gilbert. I shot you a PM with some info.

I know how tuff finding time to ride can be with kids. The good thing for me was that both my boys loved to ride too. I have spent a fortune over the years going through bikes, campers, and racing. But it kept us together as a family and I would not trade those years for nothing. Nothing better than being able to line up on the same row at an enduro and go racing with with my boys. All those years I spent waiting on them, now they wait on me !!!!

go to

there is a private area near Augusta that alot of us ride that has the best singletrack in the southeast (I ride the track though) alot of the AA HS/Enduro riders in the SE ride out there

Im not a fan of Palmetto, the trails were fun but I hate the tracks

I called and Enoree is closed according to the message and they said to check back on Sunday.



ugh too.

I lived in Swansea for 8 years (just south of Cola.) and gave up dirt biking for a few years due to money/school/street bike but got heavily into mountain biking and Columbia has a ton to offer when it comes to that. Sesqui, Harbison, Manchester, plus al the private areas...Pisgah, Tsali, if you're up to the road trip. I really had some epic rides. I do make the trip to Palmetto a couple times a year and have a friend with a small hare scramble/mx track in Swansea.

Like E T said, joining the local race series would benefit you greatly until you build relationships with all the locals with their own land/tracks/etc.

Yo Bob, I live in Lexington too and ride a good bit out at Palmetto, TNT, Enoree, and the occasional Durhamtown trip. I ride trail and track. I've got kids too so lots of times I'll get out out to Palmetto when they open, ride for 2-3 hours then be back home early afternoon.

I do a good bit of mountain biking too. Usually hit Harbison at least one day a week after work. You ever been to FATS?

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