Place your bets, is #54 going to show?


He was pre-entered for Hangtown too...but a no show!

I hope he does. I think he will. If he doesnt I wont be shocked though.

No. To be pre entered means nothing. Alessi is pre entered and we know hes not racing.


7th place overall.

i think its hilarious that people still think this waste can show up and get a ***n top I dont think he'll show and doubt he would finish inside the top 12 even if he did.

I think 15th that`s it no better

.. Dns

It's been forever since he's gotten in a fight with somebody at the track.

I'd say he's due.

Jay King #266

@DanDunes818 pretty sure he is part owner.. .arma whatever is the sponsor.

Just found this on twitter. does anyone have any info on if jlaw is apart owner of the team? because if he is that would make a little more sense as to why he wasnt there last week.

DNS, or a DNF if he actually shows up. He'll pull off on lap 8.

won't show

He'll show up at Red Bud, make all the moto bros wet their panties, and pull out of both motos at the (10-)20 minute mark.

no show

Hot and humid here. Going to be a beating for all of them.

Cant wait.



He might see the forecast and decide its too hot out there... I say no. If he does, it will outside top 10 finish.

Yeah he'll show... then disappear during the first Moto.

The only people that really know are him, and his parole officer.

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