2002 RM 125 needs needs facelift for speed budget $1500

Just picked up RM 125 2002 love the hit of the powerband even over my last bike kx 250 less tork but the topend loves to scream.

I plain to do 20% trail 20% open field wide open and 60% track

I'm 6ft 180pd

I have a dented stock pipe and a FMF Shorty silencer

Was thinking of piston/ring, reeds/cage, pipe/silencer, do they still make racing airboxes?

Pls help upgrade me

Don't really want to loose the killer topend for trade of mid and low although could benifit a lil more on lowend

Should I keep FMF shorty and match with a pipe? Or go full procircuit

If you have 1500 to spend this is what you should do.

Get an Eric gorr 144 kit ported for mid top

Spend the rest on suspension.

That bike will be awesome!!!!

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