Power Valve Spacer questions

Edit: Just thought I would add that this is off of my 2002 YZ250, in case it matters :smirk:

In taking the power valve cover off to replace the leaky gasket, I have finally got to see how the spacer in there was sealed. Turns out, with silicon (and poorly at that).

I have a couple of questions regarding the spacer.

1. Is it added because of some aftermarket power valve, and needed for the extra room, or for some other reason.

If some other reason:

2. What is the benefit (or supposed benefit)?

3. How is it supposed to be sealed?


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I don't have one on my 2000!

I don't have one on my 2000!

Yeah, it's not on the diagrams for my bike in the service manual, so it is definitely aftermarket, I just don't know if it is needed because of other aftermarket parts, or if it is supposed to provide some other benefit, and also, if there should be a gasket or something rather than silicon to seal it.

Well, I think I am just going to try to put it back on without the spacer, and see what difference it makes, if any.

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