Lots of metal after first oil change

I have about 50 mi on my rebuilt SSW engine.

Changed the oil today for the first time

There was a significant amount of metal in the filter and on the drain plug magnet.

My cams were custom made (welded and ground stockers) so I am going to check them out tomorrow to see if they are self destructing.

I am curious what else I should take a look at while I am going through everything.

I will post some pics of the filter media tomorrow when I get back to my shop.

Thanks guys

New bore and piston? If so, I would think that is normal for breaking in a new/rebuilt engine.

Yes new bore and piston.

The amount of metal seems excessive. I am gonna check out the cams and change the oil at 50 mi again.

Wouldn't hurt to check. And if you want a more direct and speedy response, just pm Eddie... since he did the work.

Wait. It was an SSW engine that was rebuilt or it was rebuilt by SSW?

Who made the cams?

Was the metal large and flaky or more of a dust?

check the frame filter too if you havent already !!!

check the frame filter too if you havent already !!!

^^ Yes! Most of the big pieces will be caught here.

is this the motor that just was repaired from the counter shaft bearing failure?

no this engine was built last fall with a 5mm stroker and 92mm bore kit.

has your +1mm valves and porting.

I had custom cams done that you warned me about. You said the quality was not so great. Thats why i want to check them out.

im feel like an idiot asking this, but how do i get to the frame filter?

it on the bottom of the frame tube. the oil feed line is attached to it.

checked the frame filter. no big chunks. Whew! Gonna check out the cams here in a minute.

Thanks guys

cams looked fine. gonna put some miles on it and change in about 50-100.

ill update this thread when i check


did a track day at laguna seca. changed oil, no more metal

put about 200 mi on. changed oil. no more metal

I think I'm good.

thanks guys

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