Big price drop on airfair to Erzberg, here is your chance to go Cheap (er)!


Flights started at $1500 :smirk: i almost threw in the towel right there, but then i found a $1100 flight and found some discounts on craigslist and saved enough to get the wife and i 2 tickets. Just today the flights dropped to $888 and if u go on craigs list, u can find people selling vouchers for many airlines that can save u even more. If u want to go, here is your chance! Plus i can always use some more peeps in the pull crew:banana:! You would want to fly into Vienna Austria. If u need a place to stay, i think i have room in my cabin along with the guys from Romaniacs and the cabins next to me have the rest of the KTM team. GO FOR IT!!! CHOP CHOP:smirk:

PS i use and when i find the itinerary i want, i have it email me every day what the current prices are.

Dropped another $20 today, $868

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