XR600R brake lever pivot wear - poss solution

Greetings all. i have a front and rear disc brake XRR. the lever for the rear brake is sloppy in the frame. that is to say the pivot is wearing and i keep having to adjust the pushrod to get the pedal feel/action the way i like it. i believe this topic has come up before. so i am going to provide a solution to be shared among TT members. in looking at my bike, i find the pivot pin on the brake lever to show almost no wear - there is a small wear mark that measures about 0.005. but it just a tiny divot. all the wear on my bike seems to be to the frame portion of the pivot.

so... i have ordered samples of a bushing (spec's here : http://www.igus.com/wpck/default.aspx?Pagename=iglidur_m250_Werkstoffdaten) and i am going to drill my frame and then set up a reamer to do the finish work on the hole. i may make up a jig to assist in the initial drilling process. if it all works as planned, i will then offer up the jig, a sharp drill bit, the correctly sized reamer, and a pair of the bushings. cost will be $2.50 plus shipping.

maybe we can set this up like a vine where a bunch of folks sign up and i put them in some order and the box of tools and a bunch of bushing gets shippied from one TT member to the next until everybody is all fixed up.

thoughts and comments welcome.

Mine is so wasted I have also begun seriously thinking about doing something like you describe.

Let me know how this project progresses.

I've also been thinking about either a bushing or a bearing. Some seals and a zerk fitting would help too.

I put a bunch of $0.54 McMaster bronze bushings in Tusk $6.00 front brake levers to make them a nice, non-wiggly fit on the pivot bolt. Worked really well.

I've been putting off repairing the frame pivot on my XR because the fix would entail stripping the frame and jigging it in a Bridgeport. If you can make a small jig which locates a few points along the frame and can maintain the center line and concentricity of a repair hole, it would be a huge help.

SoCalMonkey, did you ever drill and ream your frame for a bushing?

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