125 to 250f to 250 2 stroke??

hey guys my first bike a brought was a 03 rm125 had it for a 2 years then moved up to my 09 250sxf ive had this bike for nearly 2 years now aswell, the problem is im moving over to australia and gotta sell the bike but when i go over there im goign back to a 2 stroke for a couple of reasons just because of the cost to keep the bike going and maintaining the bike and because on my 250f when doing moto or anytype of riding i feel like im starting to get really lazy on the bike not feeling like im making any progress on becoming faster so hopefullly riding a 2 stroke agin will sort me out. im thinking of geting a YZ125, 150SX or a YZ250 just wondering on a 250 2t will it be to fast for me in anyway hard for me to learn any decent skills you know what i mean what could i do to the bike to slow it down if i go to a 250 2t different powervalves, flywheel weights etc.. thanks on any input guys

if you rode the 250f with no problems then your fine for the yz250 it will be faster but you should be fine

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