EFI control unit

I am looking on a Suzuki parts site and I see that the EFI for my 2010 has been superceded by a new part number:


This is the most current part for this model.

The previous part this replaces is:

32920-49H00 CONTROL UNIT, FI"

Does anyone know what the difference is or why it was changed?

can I get my old box reprogrammed to the new specs or do I have to buy one to upgrade?

The new number is possibly the 2011 model ECU

The 2011 has a new map because of the different cam and muffler it has

As far as I know you can only modify your original ECU

map with a Yoshimura Power Tumer or ProBike MX Tuner +/- 20% Fuel and +/- 2 degrees ignition advance on the map selected by the plug under the LHS radiator shroud (White - Lean, Std Blank/No Wire , Rich - Grey)

The new number is possibly the 2011 model ECU

the 2011 box has yet another number 32920-49H20

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