I have a CRF150RB, I am 150lb, what would one recommend for aftermarket suspension that would best suit me. I ride mostly trails but i like to hit the little jumps along the way. Thanks for the feedback.

I spoke to Billy at Powerband Racing who in my opinion is the best around for minis. He said the stock suspension is one of the better suspensions out there as far as minis are concerned. My daughter rides mx and is as good as and rides as hard as many boys. She weighs 140. He said the stock rear spring is pretty much spot on but the fronts are a little stiff. His advise was to go lighter upfront and then he would do his valving and we would be good to go. Although you have 10 pounds on her and are doing trail riding instead of mx I would say the same would apply. Maybe a little lighter due to the fact that you are trail riding and having the bike a little softer might end up to be more comfortable on long rides. Give him a call, you can bend his ear for free and if you decide to upgrade, you cnat beat his quality or prices. Tell him Chris from Illinois sent you.

I weigh 155lbs and the stock springs were way to soft for me. I ended up putting stiffer springs on the front and rear, and rode it like that for a year. Then last winter I sent it in and he it re-valved. It will make a big difference.

I don't remember where I read it at, but at one point on here someone posted that the stock springs are set for kids between 90 and 110lbs stock. From my experience, I would say that is pretty accurate.

From what I am told that is not true. Maybe on the small wheel version but I think they are both the same. Check billys spring chart on his website. read the tech tip on this link. http://www.powerbandracing.com/bikes-honda-crf150r.html

Honda come Stock with

-Front Spring rates springs (Small Wheel) .34kg vs (Big Wheel) .36kg

-Rear Spring rate springs (Small Wheel) 5.0kg vs (Big Wheel) 5.2kg

In my opinion for 150lb to 160lb rider would be rigth a round Front .38/.40kg & Rear 5.6/5.8kg

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