2011 RMZ-250 Questions

Hi guys I have a few questions about the bike. I currently have about 6 hours on mine. It has become extremely hard to start and stalls in a lot of corners. I am a intermidiate rider so skill is not the issue. I read somewhere that turning the choke might help but i could not find out where to start. Sometimes I chop the throttle and it dies also. When I am doing my hot lap and rolling around the track it will stall on the back sides of jumps even with the clutch all the way in, and yes the bike is warmed up.

I also am having issues with the suspension. I would usually have it re-valved but I am in school and out of money. It is way to soft and feels like i am on a pogo stick. I have adjusted it a bunch and nothing seems to work. I relize stiffer springs are the solution but is there anyone who has found a set-up that is working for them?

I have also been seeing a lot of peices in the oil threads. I had a 2010 last year and beat the piss out of it. It would hit false nuterals, jam into gear and had peices in the oil. It always kept going tho and had about 85 hours on it when i sold it. I wouldnt be too worried about the peices. Monitor them and if they get really bad the further investigate. I would always change the oil after 2 rides and oil filter every other so that might be why. I think 5 hours on a bike is way to long for these machines. My oil is black after 2 hard rides. My 2011 has peices but no mis-shifts so far so i am just going to keep an eye on it.

Sorry for the long thread :smirk: and hopefully someone can answer my questions. THANKS!:smirk:

Turn the "choke knob" counter-clockwise I think?

Set your idle with the choke knob in and the bike warm around 2100 rpm plus or minus 100rpm. Not only that but at that setting it starts easier. Cheers!

Your bike should not be stalling like that your idle must be sooo low unless you have a problem.

About the suspension how heavy are you. Your an int so your fast. . I am 185 pds and I found it it to be stiff in the rear. The forks were harsh. Im int as well so we are close in skill. Whats your sag at? and clickers? oil level?

Oh ya, I just saw you were in ont. Check out ride concepts and send them a resume. I have a sponsorship through them, Siiiiick company. One of the only ones in canada that has works custom valves. Not just a re shim. I forget the guys name, the guy in B.C. is Daryll and the guy back east is............tapio! You will get springs, valves, shims, oil and labour for a lot less than ud think and im not sure i am allowed to post it on here. Give me a shout and I can help if you need any questions. Its money well spent!

Thanks. I have stock oil setting went 6 clicks harder on the front suspension and 3 clicks slower rebound. Sag set at 106. Could you pm me some more details about ride concepts. They sound pretty cool. Also how did you figure your your engine rpm? Its not idling low at all thats whats weird. Oh i am 180 lbs. Thanks

Ok so your at 4 out on comp and 9 out on rebound. Ill send you that PM about ride concepts. I would put in stiffer springs on the front if I was you. And run stock oil level clickers in the middle. Its gonna be harsh in the mid so youll prob have to take out oil in 5cc increments and screw with the clickers as well. Use a tach for your engine rpm. Pick one up at the automotive store or a works connection hour meter has one built in and it updates fast which is nice. You need to have that thing idling thats a no brainer.

Thanks man ya I am going to give them a call.

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