inverted honda xr50

After letting my cousins ride my 2003 honda xr50r, they flipped it and now motor oil is coming out of the air filter, carborator. i am most sertain that it is motor oil, also the kickstart is stuck in the upper position and wont move at all. what might be going on with it?

I suspect that motor oil got in the breather tube. Usually not a problem when the bike is pointed the right direction with respect to gravity. If you got enough oil in the engine through the carb when the intake valve was open, that could explain the problem with the kick starter not wanting to move (liquid lock). Don't try to force it. Remove the plug and see if there is a lot of oil in the cylinder. If there is, the oil has to come out.

i drained all the fluids (motor oil) and i was able to move the kicker by hand. the motor oil even got up into the exhaust! how should i clean the exhaust?

the motor oil even got up into the exhaust! how should i clean the exhaust?

Get it started, and it will burn out. You won't have to do a thing.

Change the oil and clean the air filter and it'll be good as new. It'll smoke a ton when you start it up but just ride it around and it'll clear itself out.

probably only a few minutes of massive smoke then back to normal as they said.

May want to change plug once it all burns past though so you dont have any starting issues down the road.

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