2006 yz250f radiator hose question

Ok i have a 2006 yz250f and just punctured my radiator hose and so i was just going to get an OEM replacement because cant really afford the new aftermarket ones, well then i came acrossed rocky mountain's tusk set for like 40$ but they have early 2000 up to2010 however goes from 05 to 07! so i was wondering if anyone knows if 05 or 07 is interchangeable with 06?


I don't think so. I recently put on a set from profactoryhoses.com for $54. They have the '06 hoses.

Well the 06 and 07 should be the same, but the 05 will be different from the 06 and 07.

Have you checked eBay? Wide selection available there. Be sure to check where they are coming from. I know the cheap colored ones are coming from china but there are some decent priced ones coming from the U.S. Don't know about the quality of the Chinese ones, I've never heard of people using them. I know the Chinese aluminum radiators are of good quality.

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