1991 xr600r

I have a chance to buy a 1991 XR600R with 150 original miles on it. Obviously it has sat most of its life, under cover but not in conditioned space. I am told it runs and have seen pictures of it and it does look good for a 20+ year old bike. How much grief am I in for? Am i to expect all engine seals needing to be replaced? Fork rebuild? What about rear shock? Carbs for sure, no? Any worries specific to this year bike? Vague questions for sure but i would appreciate input.

How are the miles going to be accurrate as my 94 just has the trip-o-meter? i would guess if it has had oil and is freed up, maybe just mainteance stuff and see what leaks. could be forks as well. Bearings should be fine but could be stiff at first.

I'd say go for it.

I have no reason to distrust the seller as it is the father of a coworker of mine, a military man who had a penchant for buying bikes every time he received a promotion. Story is he flipped the OD on the XR once and it now shows 55 miles. In any case, the bike appears to be in great shape if not a little dusty. I have just never bough a bike that has sit this long so don't know what kind of trouble I might be getting into. Also was wondering if there were any "quirks" to the '91 bike I might want to be aware of.




thats an 87'

You can tell by the color scheme, drum brake, and headers.

88-90 had twin stainless headers all the way back to the pipe, and 91 and up had rear disc brakes.

Its a nice looking bike though!

good luck

Judging from the looks, ie: no paint rubbed off clutch cover and frame tubes and good condition of the seat and plastic, it looks to have had little use. Previous poster is correct, it is an '87, check the ID plate on the steering head tube.

It doesn't look like it was ridden much, sweet bike..

That is a pretty bike, obviously fresh out of covered storage with very low miles. The engine is probably just fine so long as it kicks over. If he's giving you a killer deal then just go for it. If not, I would check it over good, especially the fuel and suspension systems. Even if it does need maintenance or replacement of fluids or gaskets/seals (not including engine parts), any competent backyard mechanic can do that stuff... I'm no pro and I have done all this on my 1984 XR500R, it just takes patience and preparation and some money. If you don't buy it, let me know, I will definitely take a look! :smirk:

Very nice! It looks like a very clean XR600R. How much is he asking for the bike? I am picturing this bike with a new IMS desert tank, XR's only full exhaust, flat slide Mikuni carb, K&N air filter, GPR stabilizer with tuned suspension and I like what I see! I have some pictures posted in my garage of my 89 and 99 630R's, these are great oldies and they will run forever if maintained properly. I woudn't be to concerned with the miles, this appears to be a sweet XR with very little wear and tear.

I'd say go for it as the wear looks pretty light...

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