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2006 tc450 long term reviews?

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anyone had a 06 tc450 for a number of years and put a good number of miles on it? i'm looking for long term reviews of the bike.

i know about the kickstart issue and the fix. anything else with them?

i'm looking at one for a offroad bike......

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I don't quite fit the bill, here, but I've got an '07 TC450, bought new in June '07.

It's been absolutely reliable. No problems at all with the motor, nothing's broken or fallen off, except the stuff I broke when I fell off.

I've only ever motocrossed it. Vet rider with modest ability. Its got about 140 hours on it, still on the original rings and bottom end. I've adjusted the valves twice, I think.

It still starts second or third kick from cold, runs stronger than I can deal with and my CRF250R riding son really likes it.

Bad stuff. The front forks. They're shit in stock form. Harsh in the first part of the stroke and then they collapse. I've had mine revalved, and now they're just not very good. I'm going for a heavier spring to hold them up in the stroke higher so they aren't as harsh, and then I'm going back to my tuner for another valve job.

Rear shock is good.

I run a DID o-ring chain and it's a good thing.

Plastics are a bit fragile. They don't bend much before they break. There are better ones available aftermarket. I have two full sets. A nice set for photos, and a rough set for racing that are plastic welded together and don't look all that nice close up.

And they are a bit heavy. Especially when trying to slow down from speed, and turn.

Good things.

Easy starting. Like ridiculously easy. All my Japanese owing friends hate for how easy it is to start.

Easy to ride. Nice motor. Really nice motor.

Low maintenance. I just change the oil every 4 hours and filter every 8. And a new airfilter every ride.

Very stable at speed. I like grass track and miniature TT stuff. (Yes, I'm old) and the 450 doesn't get all twitchy at speed.

And it looks good.

I'd buy another one.


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i also have had zero problems with my 06. the thing is bullet proof. the forks are junk but i also revalved mine and they are 100% BETTER than before, but still not great. i bought mine in late 06 and have had zero motor problems!!!!!!!!!! keep an eye on the linkage to the rear shock and steering head bearings.

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