05 WR450 sunline fuel screw question

springandwasher.jpgI was cleaning out my floatbowl last night and had the carb in my hand and a screw and washer fell down out of the carb. , there was no small o-ring but a large o-ring around the screw itself up on the shaft( sunline screw) I believe they came out of the fuel screw hole.

my question would be should i put the washer in the hole in the carb then the spring and then put the screw in the hole?

here is a pic of the washer and screw

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Yes, that's the order they go in. Your o-ring is probably still stuck in the hole, then the metal washer, then the spring, then the screw. Maniac

Just make sure the 'O' ring is in there...

to add,,, the oring on the screw shaft is to provide some friction to prevent the screw from vibrating out.

thanks for the help guys

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