Yamaha riding gear

Anyone know of an el cheapo source of riding pants in a Yamaha blue ?

Something along the lines of a Thor Phase or something equal for cheap/reasonable ?

I looked at a couple of local places today that had maybe one pair of One Industries and one pair of Answers, both over $140 each.

I know cheap pants won't last, just looking for some decent pants without dropping a buck and a half on them.

There has to be an online dealer with some previous year (pants ?) stock for less than full on retail.

Doing a search on Google just leaves me confused as there are a zillion places that sell pants. I haven't bought riding pants in forever and (believe it or not) I have somehow let the details of one brand/year of pants vs another slip by me.

I want good heavy construction with reinforcement in the legs and knees and prefer they don't look totally artiste ghey. Mainly looking for protection where it counts and vented where it doesn't.

Anyone know of a decent online source ?

Well the closeout prices that you want are usually of last year's model but the ones available are of very irregular sizes like 28 and 30 waist so unless you're that small you are S.O.L. I bought some Fox pants for $48 from the Fox website and another pair for my buddy at CycleGear for the same price. Have your ol' lady look. They love to shop for great prices. Hell, they love to shop period. You might want to check eBay and see if some store is closing and trying to get rid of their stuff or wait till Nov. when next year's model is coming out and this year's is on sale. Also places like Motosport and RockyMountain have closeouts on stuff but again it usually tends to be the weird sizes. Have you tried the TT store?

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