06 yamaha blaster! good buy?

hey everyone,

my cousins has this quad for sale. only wants 800 bucks for it. its the special addition. he bought it new in 06 and i doubt its got 15 hours on it. still looks brand new too. went over yesterday and it started on the first kick.

with all that said before i buy iv got some questions.

1. what size tire can i run on the stock rim. i wanna get rid of the balloon shaped pos tires on the back.

2. how do you check the tranny fluid level?

3. there is only one indicator light on the "dash" what does that tell you. because it came on about 15 minutes into riding it but when off soon after.

4. is there a way to get rid of the oil injection and just mix gas?

anyone that rides these feel free to pm me, id like to hear what you think of it. :smirk:

I'd buy it. Throw a pipe on it, and some flat profile rears on it, and watch it come alive.

I have one and would not take anything less than 1500 bucks for it. And its not an SE (not that would matter because the se's are ugly!) Blaster's are "Rock Solid" sound's like a great deal.

Cool so im getting an even better deal then I thought. Now how do you check the trans fluid level? And what size tire comes flat? Idk anything about atv's. Iv riddin dirtbikes all my life. And is that indicator light oil temp?

It has been a whole lot of years since I owned a Blaster. Pure fun! I will give it a try....

1) I ran Standard Holeshots, and they were great! http://www.itptires.com/sportatv/holeshot.html

2) Can't recall exactly, but I assume you didn't find a dipstick? Weep holes are pretty common on 2-stroke trannies.

3) Oil pressure warning light ???? Not good at all if it is and it came on while riding!

4) I left my injector alone and it ran fine forever (you may have a problem however?). People do stupid things like put in the wrong oil (injector oil is thinner than pre-mix), and get into trouble. There are block-off kits out there if you want to remove it.

Thanks reconranger

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