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I currently ride a 06 wr 450 and want to purchase a yz. I ride the upper deserts of So.Cal. I enjoy riding the single track stuff. I am getting tired of pushing the heavy weight of my wr around. So I wanted to know what you guys thought would be the best year of yz to make a desert single track bike out of. Like my wr I would go through the suspension and run a rekluse clutch. I have thought about a 2010 or 2011 but i am kind of leary of this so called starting procedure. I love my electric start on my wr but dont mind kicking over a bike if it starts the first or second time.

thanks for your opinions

They all have "starting procedures". With the EFI bikes, what I hear most often is:

  • Push against compression (NOT TDC, compression)
  • Bring the starter back to the top
  • Crack the throttle slightly and kick

What's hard about that?

The YZ450 offers light weight and agility, but for Off-Road riding, it is limited in some ways by suspension tuned for MX, lack of rotating inertia, a close ratio trans with a high first and a low 5th, and a high-strung engine that doesn't really like to run at low speed. None of these shortcomings is enough to make the bike wholly unsuitable for the purpose, but they exist.

Nevertheless, you see people off-roading YZ450's everywhere you go. I ride one in desert races down here, and tight technical stuff is usually a factor on most of the courses. So are sections that let you approach 80 mph. That's what makes the WR trans attractive. But the YZ isn't perfect in the role of of the box. In truth, of course, neither is the WR.

It really depends on exactly what you want from the bike, and the jury is still out on the new bike. An '08-'09 would make a good starting point for less money. Just a thought.

Might read:


thanks for the reply, I am 56 years old and I enjoy my wr but the thing just wears me out after a long ride. Not a fast rider i just enjoy the tight stuff. thanks for the info on the older post lots of good stuff.

Couple questions.

- Is it an advantage in your areas to be Green Sticker legal?

- Do you lack two stroke experience or have an aversion to two strokes?

Reason being, I used to ride YZ400/426/450's off road and got tired of the

weight/high CG and went back to an '02 two stroke YZ250 with a Green Sticker. Maneuverability wise,

it's a huge difference. I now hop back and forth between a new KTM530 and the YZ250.

The KTM is more maneuverable than the WR imho and the YZ250 is another level above that.

Jumping on the 2T after the four stroke is almost like hopping on a big mountain bike with its low CG and agility.

Downside is fuel mixing, the aggressive powerband and gearing. Both the 250 2T and 450 4T need a revalve for off road imho.

The same mods on the WR/YZ 4T can be done to the YZ 2T, ie. tank, WR gears and a Rekluse.

If you look there are YZ250's with WR gears, big tanks and Rekluse clutches for sale

and that bike is almost like cheating for single track/off road. $100 easy top ends are another plus.

To be fair to the 4T, it has its advantages too. The power is easier (although the 2T Rekluse fixes most of that),

it's more stable at high speed, no mixing and gets a little better mileage. That said, after some jetting,

my YZ250 gets about the same mileage as my friends YZ450 and always easily starts 1-2 kicks, especially warm.

I won't repeat the warm starting verbage the 450 friend has emitted on certain uphill trails. It's another option.

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Red sticker / green sticker not a big deal. In six years of riding in our area have never seen any type of law enforcement. Never really thought much about the 2 strokes. I rode them in the mid 70. of course alot younger then and all i wanted to do was go fast. Now I just want to enjoy good friends and fun rides.

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