New RM Owner - Some questions.

I recently got my first RM 250.. it's a 97 but it's good as a new bike.. all the bearings, chain, sprockets, rads, forks, swingarm linkages etc are all perfect, this bike couldn't have been ridden that much.. It does though need a top end because it lacks compression compared to my other bikes.. My question is, the cylinders on these bikes are they lined with Nikasil like my old CR's used to be? Can they be bored or do you have to order a new sleeve?

Also does somebody have a parts list that shows what year bikes parts interchange with others?

I've been an old school MX rider for a long time.. I mainly ride Air Cooled 2 strokes but I think i'm going to like this RM.. It has power considering the lack of compression, i was still able to pull it up in 5th gear.. :smirk:

'96-'00 have mostly interchangeable parts.

"99 and "00 have a few specific items that are only interchangeable

with 99 and 00's.

But for you, everthing from either 96-98 should work fine!

thanks man

A top end would be a good investment. Then you can check the rod too. I believe they a coated cylinder, but I'm not positive. Unless the PO changed it to a sleeve. You can tell when you take the head off.

I actually took the top end off today, i took some pics.. I'll post them up.

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