2007 wr 250f headlight.

I have a 2007 wr250f & would like to remove the headlight & run a number plate. I have been told that it can be done very easy.but is not just simple as taking it off. Has anybody done this before?

Yes it can be done very easily. Some people have just unplugged the lights and have had no problems and others had to either disconnect the lighting wire from regulator or add a resistor available from Yamaha. I did not have problems but the symptoms were strange misfire or regulators burning out. A number plate won't simply bolt on because the top mounting bolt won't match up but a zip-Ty can fix that. For me, I bought aftermarket YZ triple clamps and the number plate bolted straight on

There have been some issues with a misfire being caused by removing the headlight. I think Yamaha make a resistor for this purpose.

Someone has told me about maybe putting a cdi box of a yz250f?

Someone has told me about maybe putting a cdi box of a yz250f?

Don't think that'll work....

Sorry Swede....you were posting while I was typing :smirk:

No prob man. I've done it a few times myself

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