Where to Ride in Manson, WA


I'll be bringing my DRZ400S with me this weekend to Lake Chelan. Any suggestions on where to ride?

Any advice would be appreciated.



I assume your bike is dual sport? If so, you are smack in the middle of the WABDR route that goes from OR border to Canadian border.


If not, not much open since there is still a lot of snow up the hills.

Dude you will be smack in the middle of the best kept secret in dual sport riding. Only problem is you are a little early this year due to late snow pack. Get a map from the Forest Circus in Chelan. From Manson head up to Echo Valley and take the road as far as you can up Mitchel Cr. and Joe Cr. Another good ride would be to ride up grade cr. road until you hit snow. Later in the year you can ride into the Methow Valley and as far as Canada. A good GPS helps Explore and have fun

Rode ds for 3 days over there a couple weeks ago, snow was at 4-4400'. can't make those roads motojo mentioned but there is a ton of stuff to ride and see in other directions and at lower elevations.

Also check in again later in the summer if you come back over. I can give you roads to access the Entiat Valley and oh my, I ride 4 days a week right now and can't wait for the upper mountains to shed some snow (actually I can as I love backcountry skiing and snowmobiling) and I will show you how you can never, ever be bored over here!

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