Abrupt Engagement Clunk

It seems that when I get low in speed relative to whatever gear I'm in there's a rather un-smooth clunk when I apply throttle from none. I'm still getting used to the bike and feathering the clutch seems to avoid this. Anyhow- it feels a bit like slack in the chain- kind of an abruptish engagement when I hit the throttle. I checked the chain and it's just right according to spec- Is this just something I'm not used to yet? Do you guys experience the same thing? Thanks! :smirk:

definitly normal at low rpms. i dont have a noise {clunk?} just a feeling. chain slack.

Normal at low speed.... use of the clutch will smooth it out. I find that it happens when I get lazy and don't use the clutch to help modulate the power delivery.

Yeah- No noise for me either. Just describing the 'feel' best I can. I figured it was normal, but seemed worth bouncing off the forum...

Yes, it's a feel.... I figure anything thats "clunking" probably isn't that good, so when I feel it occur I snap myself out of my mental funk and ride the bike proper.

There is a fair bit of snatch in the chain as it has to be loose to accomodate the swing arm travel of a dirt bike. Shift down and keep the rpm's up. If you're in first feather the clutch to keep the rpm's up.

That makes perfect sense. Thanks!

I thought something was wrong with my used bike too. But, it is just the nature of the beast. KLR I had didn't do it as much, but it has a cush drive on the rear sprocket. The DRZ is straight drive, so it is harsher by default, and with the chain slack proper it will snatch it up a bit. Just do circle wheelies instead of u-turns and stoppies instead of coming up to stopped traffic slowly :smirk:

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