zStart Auto Clutch

Has anyone tried this yet and how will it work for Desert Racing?

Blue man, you might do a search in the honda CRF 450 forum under z-start, there have been many discussions over the last year and a half here about the z-start, and you might have a better chance of finding your specific answers that way. Good luck.

I love my z-start, but I don't desert race, sorry.

Been using mine since March of this year. I LOVE it! In your search for Z-start answers (be prepared to read awhile because there is A LOT of information about them on TT) be sure to read the write up from Renegade in the DRZ forum.

As a side note, I think the Z-start wouldn't be great for supercross/motocross but in the desert...WOW! I don't desert race anymore but I still ride as if I did! :)

I think it would work great I have fell in love with my z start

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