E starter for a starter

I bought my wife a new KLX 140 and my 12 year old has been riding it. I need to get him a bike he can call his own but am not fond of parting with another $3 g's for a new one. He loves this bike. The E start is a spoiler. Now that he has ridden with one I doubt he will be satisfied without one. What used bike models are out there that I should be looking for that have e starts??.......the 140's are few and far between.

Yamaha TTR 125 le

honda 150f or 230f depending on his size. yamaha ttr 125le or 230x. These are pretty good trail bikes and you should easily be able to find one for less than 3000.

Throw him on your 300 xcw and buy yourself a new 450 exc...problem solved:thumbsup: j/k:banana:

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