OT..... cargo trailer floor covering

What do you goes use on your cargo trailer floor ? ive just got paint on mine, but am looking to upgrade to something a little fancier. does indoor-outdoor carpet hold up vey well ?

I just bought a little pouch of stuff you mix with paint at Home Depot that is called, "No-Skid." I haven't used it yet on my deck.


That "No Skid" will tear up your bare feet.... Be careful... I use it on the ramp of my trailer and learned very quickly to put something on my feet when going up and down on it.

Bonzai :)

I painted my trailer floor and ramp with paint mixed with Skidtex (fine grit) and find this very easy to clean and maintain. If it gets stained or scratched it's easy to touchup. My buddies who have carpet and vinyl have had to live with stains and tears.

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