Wanna kick some honda and ktm ass ?

Some might know that i run a ccm404 with a drz engine installed,currently its entered into a build off comp here in the uk with some very trick supermoto bikes,and maybe could do with some help as there are a couple that have spent some serious wedge to get the finished article,as mine has a tenuous link to this forum be nice to see a drz engined bike do well .... have a look but dont spend too much time looking at the competition :smirk:


Is this build off about looks or performance?

MMMMM good question,bit of both i hope,though to some its the abillity to spunk cash as fast as possible.

Well I agree your bike certainly looks very nice :smirk: You may be giving up some power with no air box and the choice of pipe. Did you do dyno testing to get it jetted right with that set up? If those cr 500's have any motor work done I'm guessing they will be hard to beat in the power department.

Final engine set up still needs the carb sorting,and i know the issues regarding the filter and pipes,i will say it goes very well though.

The cr's will be a handfull

....The cr's will be a handfull

No doubt, I saw God on one when my buddy and I switched off bikes one time (never going to do that again).

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