Loose Chain

Im somewhat new to dirtbikes so i wanted to get some opinions from some vets. I bought a ttr 125 for my gf recently and the chain is pretty loose, clearly past what it should be. My question is what could be some causes of a loose chain?

old chain (stretched)

worn sprockets

Loose rear axle bolts

Chains stretch over time.

Don't want to offend you but do you know how to tighten it? If it's way too loose and past of what the adjusters can take out you'll have to take a link or two out and will need a chain breaker tool. Buying a new chain prolly won't help because most come in set amount of links and you'll have to remove links from them too. Some manufacturers sell chains in the exact amount of links that you need but they are harder to find

too much slack

But seriously, there are many reasons a chain would get loose. The important thing is maintenance, so keep it clean, lubed, and adjusted. If it was adjusted then suddenly got loose, you might check the axle bolts like Ronus said. good luck, that is cool your GF is getting into motos

yes like the other guys said check your axle bolt. Also i thin it depends on the quality of your chain. i used to run a renthal chain, it sucked. it always was loose and would not stay tight. i went to a D.I.D chain and i love it.

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