What works better in sand?

Just wanted some feedback as to what tire size would work better on sand and whoops. 90/90 or 80/100? and why? -thx much

Size of the tire is less important than the pattern and spacing of the knobbies. You want to find a soft terrain tire, that being equall I would go with a wider tire (90/90).

Next question...what bike do you have? On a low HP machine you can get too wide and you will notice power loss ( drive line loss) due to increased traction and weight of the tire.

I went up one size on my WR426 and I had to shim out the exhaust so the tire wouldn't rub. I put in a 3/4" spacer and longer bolt. I also have to be very careful with my chain tension. Too loose and it can contact the outer knobs of the tire.

I can't say how much it helped or didn't help. I did go from the stock sized Michelin S-12, to one size larger but I can't really compare. I had a flat on the stock sized S-12 but because I had to order the larger S-12, I was forced to use a beat up old stock tire while I waited for my larger S-12 to arrive.

Compared to the beat-up stock Dunlops, the traction of new S-12 was a total dream. I obviously didn't worry about loss of horsepower on the WR426.

Tire pressure will make as much of a difference as tire size.

I don't know "why" but I put a Michelin Baja 90/90 on the front and the bike was significantly better in sand than with the Dunlop 756 80/100. Significantly better.

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