Jetting Changes for 2005 YZ250 - Flagstaff, AZ

Hi all. Just a few quick questions for the knowledgeable ones on the jetting topic. I just moved from NJ (sea level) to Flagstaff, AZ which is at 7,000 ft elevation. I brought along my 2005 YZ250 which was jetted perfectly for sea level, but I am unsure about what to do for my jetting now. I will be doing some riding at the 7,000 ft elevation, but I will also be traveling down into the valley (Phoenix, AZ) (almost sea level I think) to hit some mx tracks. I have been looking into the JD jet kits, but I am not sure that there is any easy way to change the jetting to be variable to switch between sea level, 4,000 ft, and then 7,000 ft elevation. Any suggestions?

Oh and BTW, anyone live around Flagstaff who would want to show me some trails/riding areas?

Anyone at all?

7000 ft is a large change. You will now be overly rich.

I would decrease the size of each circuit 1-2 steps and see how it does.

As far as changing from 7000-0 ft elevation, I would rejet each time.

Write your current sea level settings down and use those for sea level.

Jetting is a science and depends on many conditions. If you're a little unsure, error on the rich side until you dial in your settings for different locations.

Thanks for the input. I figured I would prob have to rejet each time I change. What a PITA.

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