Yamaha Paint color codes

I found a really nice '82 Yamaha 650 xj Seca a few weeks ago, and gave $150.00 for it.

All that was wrong was it needed a battery, clean and sync the carbs, and had a small leak in the tank.

My son and I have fixed everthing, and it is running like a raped ape now.:smirk:

I have been looking online for a site that would have the Yamaha paint cides so I can order some paint.

It is the silver with blue, white and black graphics.

If anyone could help, thanks in advance.:smirk:

I'm willing to bet that colorrite.com has what you need...

Bought some Flash Red for my 84 CR500 frame a few months ago.

I'd recommend you buy the primer, basecoat, and epoxy clearcoat from them as a complete "kit". Dont cheap out and use rustoleum/krylon/etc primer.

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