01 cr125 parts interchangeability with 03 cr250?

Not plastic but triple trees/swingarm/sub frame/wheels/brakes...etc.

Got an 03 250 frame and found a 01 125 parts bike and I'm curious if the major stuff will swap from the 125 to 250.

Yeah, I'm being lazy and could go look up all the part numbers but I'm guessing someone one here knows......

Trees..wheels..brakes..yes...yes will work no problem...... swingarm will need to use the 03 linkage pivot bolt or add spacers to the 01 bolt..Its too long for the amount of threads.

The subframe will only work if the right side lower mount point is shortend by one inch and re drill the mount hole.

Thank you for the info!

Triple trees/forks? Yes?

YES they fit with no mods.

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