tube valve?? gone?!?

ok. so i was gonna go ride about a week ago and i saw that my front tire was a little low. i was gonna pump it up but the freakin valve stem is gone?!? i have the slightest idea of what happened. the rim lock is still there but the stem is gone. any ideas on what happened?? :smirk: the tire still has enough air in it to be run thankfully:worthy:

My guess is your rim lock isn't tight enough and your tire has spun on the rim pulling the valve stem into the tire.

Maybe you can get lucky and move the tire bacwards on the rim untill you see the v.stem...maybe you can get it back out. Or just pull the dang tire off and fix it properly. :smirk:

ill try, thanks!

Just a thought...torque the rim lock to 10 ft/lbs

Just a thought...torque the rim lock to 10 ft/lbs

ill try it and let you know if it works:thumbsup:

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