2009 YZ450F suspension setup.

Hi guys! recently bought this YZ450, been riding GG ec300 for awhile. The suspension is VERY good compared to everything else I´ve ridden. But, I´m 220# in my shorts.. got a 60N/mm Ohlins spring with the bike that I put on right away. Clickers all stock but it felt very "bouncy" at higher speeds. Long sweeping 4th gear corners it feels lika a flat tire. What I´m asking is does the stiffer spring messup the rebound or shouldnt it matter? Turned the rebound in 6 clicks. Better but still not "planted".

What setups are you heavier guys using on this bike? Clicker starting point?

According to Ohlins that 60N/mm pring is for 220# WITH gear on. and that I should have 5.0 N/mm fork springs. They are stock now. Should I order them right away? Riding both Mx and forest. Bike should be unbalanced witht he 60N/mm in the rear and the stock ones in the fork I assume, but how severe is it?

I think your fronts are .48stock which should be ok, check your sag numbers front and back, they will tell you where you are

I am 215lbs without gear running .48 front and 5.8 rear with the SPI DDT setup for MX. I'm very pleased with it so far. Also I believe the stock fork springs are .469

Stock up front is 0.469kg/mm or 4.6N/mm. Rear 5.5kg/mm or 54N/mm.

tparscrf250r: do you run SPI stuff both shock and fork? I dont know what DDT means. If the fork is stock what clicker settings work for you?

you will need a stiffer rebound stack on the shock to make it feel planted

mog: What´s your opinion on the 60N/mm rear and stock fork springs?

I'm 220lbs. On my09 yz450 went up 2 stiffer on rear and Factory Connection said I should be alright in the stock fork springs. I slowed rebound 1 or 2 clicks in the rear and 1or2 clicks in on the compression on the front is all I did and it turns way better than stock. Now I am not a speed demon on the track but I definately could tell it cornered better with the stiffer spring on the rear.

tparscrf250r: do you run SPI stuff both shock and fork? I dont know what DDT means. If the fork is stock what clicker settings work for you?

Yes, I run the Smart Performance setup front and rear with their oil. I am running the dual del taco (ddt), clover shim and EPNP in the forks. I also have the forks up 12mm in the clamps. Race sag 102mm

STD forks and 6.0 is what my chart says

Ok. I´ll have a buddy help out and check the race sag front and rear and go from there. Maybe the shock isnt fresh(seller said it was), i´ll rebuild it so I know for sure its ok. It felt good without the spring but when pushing the seat down it pops back up very quick compared to other bikes I´ve had...

Been riding MX and the rear works well. 100mm race sag, 24mm free sag. Ok? Not really happy with the front end though. Is it common that these forks have fast rebound? Its at 5 clicks out right now and feels very fast rebounding from flat landings, it headshakes coming back up. Maybe comp is to soft causing it to go to deep into the stroke? It never bottoms though. 9# out on comp. Watched a buddy ride my bike and then a 250f with TTX and the TTX bike is very "calm" and planted and rebounds in a much more controled manner.

Also the fork absorbs small bumps very well but when suddenly hiting a bigger bump/rock whatever it hits quite hard in my hands. Feels weird as its so good with the smaller stuff. Then bang! This is 3rd gear speed. May this indicate that my fat azz causes it to ride to far down the stroke and I need stiffer springs up front?

I dunno if its me not used to the YZF chassi but it has a tendency to push and knife out on me.. Way up on the tank and always on the throttle helps. Coasting = unstable and all over the place!

stiffer springs may help but would make the rebound worse , and if your not bottoming then it seems counter productive ? sounds like you are hitting the air spring hard and also putting too much weight on the fork , try 103mm of sag to balance out the bike more , and then maybe try less oil so you use full travel , sounds backwards I know but you should bottom out on hard landings

Thing is I just do small jumps as of now do to the injury I had to my knee recently. It bottoms when my buddy hits the jumps I usually do. I´ll try a tad more sag and see how that feels. I moved the bars back to the stock position which made it less unstable. Is it common on these that the rebound is fast? I mean is adding more rebound usually done when people revalve? I dont have the tools to open the fork but its supposed to be stock.

I would try a little less sag like mog suggested and would go up to a .49k spring on the forks. At the very least have someone go through the forks to check and rebuild. Those forks have enough reb dampening stock so maybe you have some air inside or something else. The shock reb is to light (not enough) stock. Shock spring looks like it will work, maybe a hair soft.

Have the tool for opening up the fork on order. Hopefully I´ll get it before the weekend. Its strange that my buddy which is around 70kg vs my 99 gets the same spike from the fork... Hes words: Bike feels great although its a tad dangerous at times... Swallows most bumps then suddenly BANG. Strange?

Checked fork sag today in street clothes. 45mm <2" ***? Forks binding? Shouldnt it be 65-75mm (2.5-3")!? Fork springs are stock according to previous owner. I assume there are no markings on these springs either...

Took my buddys 09 yz250f with TTX front and rear for a little spinn, that´s how a suspension SHOULD work! :thumbsup:

could be bad fork bushes... that sag is low , for mx I like 55mm approx , the rebound is normally slow on kyb forks not fast so it sounds like something is wrong

I´ll open them up once the tools get here. 64hours total on the bike. I´m a good wrencher but I´ve never been inside a TC fork, difficult? :thumbsup:

the kybs are harder to bleed and fit the base valve than the showas, but once you do one they are all similar, look on utube for vidoes on the tc or closed chamber forks.

If you have the DDT setup, you might need Dave's update. What you are describing, is something Dave has been working on. Might want to check with him on the setup.

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