KX 250 Rattling and Compression Trouble

Hey I just bought my new bike a 2004 kx 250 2-t. I was out for my first real ride with my buddy yesterday and all was going good until about an hour into the ride. We were driving around in some sand and having fun. When I left the sand and started off down some pavement I put the bike into 3rd gear. I slowed down at the end of the pavement and put the bike into neutral. My buddy noticed a scratching/ rattling noise in the engine. I emmidately shut the bike off and brought it home in the back of a truck. I tried starting the bike today and noticed that the compression was uneven and low. I got the bike started and the noise wasn't as bad as before but definetly still there. The top end was re-done about 55 hours ago. I know little about 2 strokes so is this showing that my top end needs to be replaced or is it something else?


At 55 hours with some sand riding, it's due for another freshen up.....

Sounds like the lower rod bearing is going out to me but hard to tell without being there.


Was your airfilter installed properly and oiled? If you didn't suck some sand into your cylinder then I'm with Ed on the bearing.

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