Low voltage to fuel injector and will not start

I have a 09 crf450 with low hours. I only have .25 vdc going to the fuel injector when cranking. The bike has good fire and will start momentarily if I put fuel in the cylinder. Where does the injector receive it's power from and the condenser should be good if the bike is firing? Correct me plz if I'm wrong.

Update I have no power going to the condenser while cranking, but I have 12vdc going to the fuel pump.

Ive never even seen the wiring diagram for one of those, but I can tell ya this. Im pretty sure they use a capacitor to fire the injector at kicking speed. Ive heard of the capacitors going bad.

One other note just because. On a breaker-less ignition like he CRF, there is no condenser. A condenser is used on a points ignition to absorb the voltage spike at the points when they're opened.

Take the plug out so you can get a really good kick on the motor and really spin and see what you get then. If the voltage doesnt go up youve got a direction to look in.

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