Usually ride Mammoth region this weekend, but this year I don't know if the trails will be still covered in snow.

Anyone going up to ride this weekend? Anyone know if I need to put snow tires on my dirtbike?

Thanks. :smirk:

Im am going riding in Mammoth this weekend.

On my snowboard.......

CaveMike hunt Mammoth. Kill.

Ride Report upon return?


Possible fresh on the slopes this weekend.

CaveMike hunt Mammoth. Kill.

lol :smirk:

Ride Report upon return?


You bet. Report so far is lots of traffic on 15 till hit 395 then not too bad. Deer migrating from the desert back up to the mountains since the snow is melting. Couple of deer road kill seen. Awful windy by Cramer Junction. Now real windy up here at Mammoth. Going to start our first ride and will update ride report later. Huge bluejay sitting on M's handlebars and took a big poop. Off switch is now unaccessable on that bike. :smirk:

Possible fresh on the slopes this weekend.

Freshies confirmed and shredded.

It was dumping at 11:45 when I packed it in, at least 6 inches of fresh, deeper in the trees.

What a season.

Several trucks with bikes spotted parked at the MTN.......iced over and sad.

I'm going to Bishop to help out on my daughter's 6th grade school trip 5/31 -6/4 but have loads of time to ride my XC-W. I have ridden the area in the past, but would be up for some new trails if anyone is in the area and have time to ride.

I raced Baja last year, and are comfortable at (almost) any speed.

Very sad. Didn't ride much. Bikes spent most their time in the garage. Continued off and on snow up in Mammoth. Good thing there's other things to do there. The first morning was a shake out ride up to June. West side of 395 had patches of snow. East side was clear. Dust was a minimum. Got back to the condo and began to snow and snow pretty hard for a while. Next day there was about 3-5 inches on the ground.

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