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Right Hand Crankcase/Clutch Problem

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Hi Guys,

I am having a little difficulty with my bike (1997 KX100).

I have gone to fit the right hand crankcase cover back on, after I have checked the clutch plates, but I am having difficulty.

It says in the service manual to "Turn the clutch release lever toward the rear of the bike when installing the cover".

This is obviously so it can fit over the clutch pusher assembly.

But the problem is that my Clutch Pusher assembly doesn't stay on the bike on its own (inside the clutch spring holder), is just falls out. I don't really see how it is meant to stay in the clutch spring holder by itself, but judging by the manual it is meant to.

So what I did was put the clutch pusher assembly into the right hand crankcase cover, and pull the clutch release cover back so it held the assembly in place.

I then fitted the cover onto the bike while holding the clutch release lever back. It seemed to fit on fine.

But now the crankcase cover is on, the clutch release lever seems to be stuck - ie no movement what-so-ever.

I take it there is meant to be movement once the cover is fitted? Or have I made a stupid or silly mistake?!

Or is the technique I used to fit it incorrect?

Any help would be very, very much appreciated!

Many Thanks,


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If the clutch push rod isn't staying in by itself, it's not seated correctly. Hence the locked up clutch lever. Take the cover back off, and double check your manual vs. your installation. Something obviously isn't right.

Of course, if you are trying to move the actuating arm by hand without the benefit of the handlebar clutch lever, it's VERY VERY stiff. Hook up the clutch lever if you haven't, and test it that way.

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