GG fender pins

I scored these from the Honda dealer. They are Honda quad fender pins. The head is 20mm the shank is 8mm. They can be found all over eBay for a few bucks for 25 of them. I haven't put them on but I'm told they are a direct fit.


Yep, they work great. I carry a couple in my pack in case.... :smirk:

You can find them at rockmountainmc as well. Tusk sells bags of them!


Not sure about those , EVERYBODY i know uses plain old zip ties.. CHAD:cheers:

They work well. I know a few guys who prefer them to zip ties.

Not knocking them.... just never used one . I like the versatility of the zip ties, myself. Chad

Here they are installed. I was using zip ties. The tiny ones. They snap easy in a crash and are easily replaced, however they look poopie. By using these you need to drill the plastic just a c-hair. I used a 5/16th bit and they fit nice and tight. I like my rigs to look and operate nice and proper. The only thing zip tied on my bikes are wires and hoses. Thanks machaloony I believe it was you that passed along the info on the other site. eBay has them for about 7 bucks shipped for 25!



Hi Aloha, what name do I search on Ebay? Also, what island you on? I'm coming to Hawaii in 2 weeks, perhaps you are in need of a riding partner with no bike?

Search "fender clip" the Honda ones are 8mm shank, 15mm head and 20mm length. I ordered 8mm, 15 head And 10mm length. I think the 10 will be long enough but will see. I have the Honda ones on right now.

They also make some that are 7mm which should fit perfect without drilling. Just search eBay aNd read the description. Some sellers list the other pins they sell.

What island are you going to?

Hi, thanks, will check it out. I'm going to Oahu then Maui. I'm guessing you're on Kauai?

Aloha is on Oahu but doesn't leave home and come north anymore now that he got his new GG :smirk:

Nah been laying low past few weeks prepping for the mk200. Brutal race!! 170 miles in 2 days. Next year I'm on my GG. My buddy jammed it on his 1999 beta. Battle warrior!!


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