Help with set up.

I have a 2006 yz144.

It has the correct springs front and rear for my weight and is currently set up[clickers]to stock specs.

Sag is at 100mm.

What i am having trouble with is it is still pretty stiff.

I ride 85%singletrack rough and nasty,and 15% motocross [mostly sand and loomy]

This thing beats the hell out of me especially in the front.

What is the best way to soften the bike by using the clickers?

I really dont want to do a revalve yet so im looking for some insight as to what clicker does what on front and back.

Hmm... YZ suspension's are pretty good right out of the box (for most people) so I suspect you could get your setup rather "close" for your weight and ability. You mentioned that you resprung for your weight. If you post your weight and what springs you installed, you'll probably get some valuable input from the members. you can't go wrong starting out with your fork clickers 12 clicks out on compression and the same for rebound. Oh, what fork oil weight and level do you have currently? the other places I'd look are the bolt torque on the triple clamps and also to be sure that you aren't experiencing fork binding due to them being out of alignment when you installed them in the triple clamps (don't ask how I know about this :smirk:)

Post back some specifics and you'll get help with the setup...

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