Brake Bleeding Questions

Hi every one last weekend i removes my wheels to get new tires and not when i look at my calipers they are stuck closed. Can you pry them open? Do I have to bleed my brakes? Thanks.

pry them open lightly try not to gouge the pads

yeah take a screwdriver and see if you can get in between the caliper and push the piston in slowly. if you go too fast you will get fluid coming out of the overflow at the top of the resivoir.

Thats it, but what if i can't?

if you cant push the piston in with a screwdriver, you probably busted the seals or might have seized up. usually it just slides right back into the caliper.

that should help you out

Never mind I got it and it wasn't that hard, Thanks for all your hell you guys.

For future, if brake reservoir has been topped off as the pads wear and brake piston extends you will need to remove the reservoir cap before pushing the piston back in. There will also be an overflow situation so either wrap rags around it to catch spill or use a syringe or something to remove fluid from the master cylinder as needed. Remember liquid does not compress , so if it is hard to push the piston back the MC might just be full.

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