Flushing Radiator for EngineIce?

So I drained my regular coolant and flushed the system with a gallon of distilled water. I just pored it in and let drain until it came out clear. Then added new EngineIce coolant.

I did not fill and run the engine with distilled water and white vinegar 50/50 mix. Should I drain it again and flush it with 50/50 distilled water and vinegar and run it through the system until warm? :smirk:

Or is what I did sufficient. I still have half a bottle of EngineIce to do it again?

Edited by AZroadndirt

your fine just make sure to refill after you get all the air out

Ya I checked the level and a added a bit and some more to the over flow tank with a ear syringe :smirk:

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