Preload spring length on a shortened shock?

:bonk:I just had my rear shock shortened by .31 inches internally to lower my seat height about 1.25"...I am starting to get it set up for going in the bike and the service manual states that the preloaded spring length should be between 9.74 (hard) and 10.22 (soft) for a S model post 2002. I was going try to get everyting close before I put it in the bike for setting sag. It makes sense to me to subtract the shortened length to get the new min and max spring preload lengths....however my logic has failed me before....any help or reassurance would be appreciated.

Other info u may need:

Bike is a 2007 SM, I obtained dirt wheels, rear shock, and complete front suspension including triples (for $400...score) I have had the forks shortened 1.25" and the rear shock .31" to lower the overall ride height by 1.25" I plan on swapping suspensions for SM use and enduro/moto rides. I weigh 175 and would like to think I ride at an intermediate pace....suggested starting points for offroad suspension would be appreciated as well....u guys are the best...thanks

Spring preload length is relative the the spring. Does not change when the shock travel is reduced. Still 9.74 to 10.22 for the stock spring. Stock spring rate sounds about right for your weight. Set preload at 10.00" and adjust from there.

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