Where does this go? (Mystery part - '98 YZ250)

I took apart a 1998 YZ250 engine (bottom and top end) and I don't know where this part goes. :smirk: I thought it was a part of the clutch actuator mechanism, but I don't see it anywhere on the parts diagram. Anyone know where it goes? It's solid steel and I'd guess it's hardened. It's not the shaft for the shift fork(s).



Will it fit in the flux capacitor or powerband #4? :chuckle:

The bike's got four (or more) powerbands? :smirk: I saw a bike for bike for sale on craigslist the other day that had "powerful powerbands". :smirk: I assumed that bike only had two powerbands. If this YZ has four, or more, I'm really, really impressed. :prof:

you are correct about the shift fork shafts as they are usually hollow. From what the wear patterns look like it almost beggs to be in the clutch family.

Dude, you're awesome! :smirk: :smirk: :prof::lol:



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