2007 kx250f Valves? Help!

My 2007 kx250f is giving me problems, Its a B!tch to start and it has no low end what so ever. I had a buddy check it out and he thinks its the valves, it has 55 hours on it and has the stock valves and I have about 4 rides on it since the valves were done last. Would it be a wise choice to throw a set of stainless valves in it?( i'm still kinda new and dont know a whole heck of alot about these things) Also when I started it it burnt a little cloud of blue smoke. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have the valve clearance checked and report back with an actual number for the clearance. It could also be jetting

OK, I had the jetting done but it didn't really change anything

could be a tired top end (rings wore out) too if you are puffing oil smoke

Ya probably wouldnt supprise me with my luck

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